DISCOGRAFIA ITALIANA 45 giri ed LP "CLAN" serie "BF-ES" (periodo 1969-1971)


  Serie BF ES   45  

by: Antonino Cuccia    


Anno Serie Brano/i musicale/i Artista/i

1969 BF ES 81 Cherie – Baby The onest man

BF ES 82 ? ?

BF ES 83 Fet yourself a ticket - Never an everyday thinks Rock's family

BF ES 84 Be my baby – Baby i love you Suzie e Mike

BF ES 85 Il bike – Deserto di spiaggia Alex Marco

BF ES 86 Cherie – Get yourself a ticket The onest man - Rock's family Juke Box

BF ES 87 Keep on – Boogaloo baby Jerry Williams

BF ES 88 Le mele verdi - Ho un amico centenario Ola e Janglers Juke Box

1970 BF ES 89 Walter Walter – Please let then be Johnny Tame

BF ES 90 Albarosa - Bella Ola e Janglers

BF ES 91 El condor pasa – No time like now my love Jorgen Ingmann

BF ES 92 Spirit in the sky - Bridge over troubled waters Marc Juhns - Jerry Walsh American top hits

BF ES 93 The letter - If you let me Antony Swete

BF ES 94 The many hot dogs – Standing on the platform Brett Marvin

BF ES 95 Tu ed io - Piω bella che mai Barry Hopkins

BF ES 96 Utterly funky - Shambala The Eavyweishts

BF ES 97 Luisa Luisa - Suddenly i'm grown Gino

BF ES 98 La lunga strada che - Free Day Costello

BF ES 99 ? ?

BF ES 100 Barbarella – No more living without loving Archaeopterix

BF ES 101 Mr. Monday – Something bad on my mind Bernadette

BF ES 102 Let me love you - Love is never far away Silvia Vrethammar

BF ES 103 96 tears – Fish in the sea Ola e Janglers

BF ES 104 Stand by me – Montego bay Sam Shay

BF ES 105 I think i love you - Fire and rain Jerry Walsh

BF ES 106 Stand by your man - The tears of a clown Simon Bill Joe

1971 BF ES 107 Me and Bobby McGee – Pink eyed pussycat Bill Haley

BF ES 108 Paris Nanterre – Nuit apres nuit Alain Del Ville

BF ES 109 Feel right – In your room Carriage Company

BF ES 110 Everybody's on the run – Chatanooga town The Man sound

BF ES 111 Ne m’abandone pas – Comme la perle la plus rare Alain Del Ville

BF ES 112 Paint the city red – Jubilee Carriage Company

BF ES 113 Knock three times – Love the your are with Barry Reynolds

BF ES 114 My sweet Lord - Love her madly Jerry Walsh

BF ES 115 Domino - Born to wonder Sam Shay

BF ES 116 Stop the war now - They can't take away our music Sam Shay

BF ES 117 Next year (con Loise Shane) - Put your hand in the hand (con Jennie Ross) Jerry Walsh

BF ES 118 Right on the tip of my tongue-Bridge over troubled water Billie Joy Simon - Jackie Henry

BF ES 119 If - Me and you and a dog named boo Jerry Walsh

BF ES 120 Rose garden - Booty Butt Glory Landers - Ed Chalpin Group

BF ES 121 Battle hymn of lieutenant calley-Dream baby (how long must i dream) Jimmy Gordon - Glen Conrad

BF ES 122 Wild world - Share the land Barry Reynolds

BF ES 123 Help me Make It through the night - Only love can break your heart Jennie Ross - Billie Joy Simon

BF ES 124 Doesn't somebody want to be wanted - One toke over the line Jerry Walsh

BF ES 125 Ain't got time - No love at all Sam Shay

BF ES 126 Cried like a baby - Eighteen Jerry Walsh

BF ES 127 Isn't it a pity - Junk Jerry Walsh

BF ES 128 Mother - Why Jerry Walsh

BF ES 129 Maybe i'm amazed - D.O.A. Jerry Walsh

BF ES 130 Love story - 1900 testerday Ed Chalpin Group

BF ES 131 One bad apple - Mazing grace Jerry Walsh e Patti Jordan -Dana Manson

BF ES 132 Watching Scotty Grow - Fresh as a Daisy Jerry Walsh

  Serie BF ES   33  

by: Antonino Cuccia    


Anno Serie Brano/i musicale/i Artista/i

1969 BF ES 7001 Baile ritmos de hoy Orquesta Maravella

BF ES 7002 Los Tarantos Los Tarantos

BF ES 7003 Vedette del Moulin Rouge Martine Lorenzi

BF ES 7004 Festival Naz. De Jazz de Barcellona Sonny Grey

BF ES 7005 Temas de siempre Orquesta Maravella

BF ES 7006 Strikesi The purple gang

BF ES 7007 First collection of Merry melodies The Humblebums

BF ES 7008 The Barleicorn – The Johnstons The Barleicorn – The Johnstons

BF ES 7009 Power of Soul Jerry Williams e his Dinamite e soul band

1970 BF ES 7010 Pictures & Sounds Ola e Julia with Ola e Janglers

BF ES 7011 Tom Nature Boy Tom Nature Boy

BF ES 7012 Rock e roll time Jerry Williams

BF ES 7013 12 big hits Ola e Janglers

BF ES 7014 Let's dance Ola e Janglers

BF ES 7015 The New Humblebums The New Humblebums

BF ES 7016 Basket of light The pentangle

BF ES 7017 My Ship Jack Grunsky

BF ES 7018 Biggest hits Bill Haley e The Comets

BF ES 7019 American top hits A.A.V.V.

BF ES 7020 Brett Marvin and The Thunderbollts Brett Marvin and The Thunderbollts

BF ES 7021 Antony Swete Antony Swete

BF ES 7022 In Svweden Bill Haley & The Comets

BF ES 7023 Bill Haley & The Comets Bill Haley & The Comets

BF ES 7024 Randolph Wintgens at the Hammond Organ Randolph Wintgens at the Hammond Organ

BF ES 7025 Boink Jorgen Ingmann

1971 BF ES 8000 Open up the door The Humblebums

BF ES 8001 Chubby Checker Chubby Checker

BF ES 8002 ? ?

BF ES 8003 On stage Bill Haley & The Comets Doppio LP